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Derrière Le Hublot what is it...

What it is… Derrière Le Hublot was created in 1996. It was founded by a team of volunteers in Capdenac-Gare, a town of 4,800 inhabitants that lies on the borders of the Aveyron and the Lot. Now recognized as Midi-Pyrenees’ street theatre ‘hub’, Derrière Le Hublot produces a range of artistic and cultural projects taking place in over 30 districts in the Aveyron and the Lot. Its wider aim is to enrich local culture and develop street theatre in which the relationships between the artists, local people and their surroundings take centre stage.

What it does…. Derrière Le Hublot is active all year round. Within the season of performances from May to December, it organises artists’ residencies, cultural activities and festivals for all ages.

How to get involved…. If you’re interested in culture, art or street theatre, there are many ways you can get involved :
> By becoming a member (€10) which in turn gives you discounted tickets throughout the season
> By offering a place to stay for artists during the festivals
> By volunteering to help in the running of the season’s activities
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